27 August 2011


The latest chapter of Rémy Brunel and the Ocean of Light by Sharon Gosling is now out on Fiction Express. Each week I will be reviewing the new chapter of Rémy Brunel, an atmospheric historical fiction of a young circus performance and jewel thief.

Review: Chapter 6
Last week Thaddeus, Rémy and J snuck into underground passages in London trying to discover what Lord Abernathy is up to. I wasn't sure who to vote for to fall in the machine but was kind of relieved to find out it was Thaddeus, only because I think is he older and could probably handle whatever the machine throws at him. And boy, what a machine it is! Despite the window in the machine, Rémy can't see him at all...hmmm, intriguing!

Again we see a growing bond between Rémy and Thaddeus, as she doesn't want to leave him behind. Whilst it would mean she wouldn't be under his charge anymore, she obviously feels something for him. I really want something to develop between them, and I can't wait to see what happens!

Although they've discovered some strange contraptions and suits of armour and I have a very tiny inkling of what might these machines might do, really I have no idea of what Abernathy is up to. I love the growing mystery of how things fit together and how the circus and her curse tie into everything else.

This weeks choice to vote on is ... Who is standing before Rémy?

· The Professor
· Thaddeus
· Claudette

What do you think? What choice would you make? I think these choices are really great as they could help open the plot up again.

You have until next Monday to make your decision! Hop on over there now!

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Jules said...

This sounds like a lot of fun and I've heard great things about Fiction Express in general.