21 August 2011


Forgive my Fins
Author: Tera Lynn-Childs
Series: Yes, #1
UK Publisher: Templar Publishing
UK Release date: July 2011
Genre: Paranormal

Half mermaid and half human, 17 year old Lily has come to live on land with her aunt. With the pressing urgency of finding and bonding with a mate before her 18th birthday, Lily tries to confront Brody, the boy she has fantasised over for 3 years. But when there is a mix up of identity, Lily must decide whether she could bond with anyone else. 

Review: My favourite aspect of Forgive my Fins is the underwater mer-world, with its sea plants and food, own way of life and the beautiful colours. The underwater magical kingdom Thalassinia is set up perfectly and adds a brilliant contrast to Lily’s life on land. Lily’s narrative is infused with sea terminology and euphemisms, which I thought was endearing and reinforces that her natural environment and home is the sea. Despite being a mer-princess and having a tendency to be oblivious to others around her Lily isn’t stuck-up, as on land she has to tackle her fly-away frizzy hair and clumsiness, making her so much more personable. 

I automatically liked Quince. Sure he's your typical bad boy who rides a motorbike and is really the nice guy. But there is something instantly appealing about him. Perhaps its because he isn't perfect. In one particular scene he rescues Lily by hiding in a toilet cubicle with her, and it has such intimacy, thoughtfulness and that spark of sexual tension that I wish was in there with him!

I was a little uncomfortable about the idea that Lily would be happy to kiss Brody without even telling him about the bonding and being a mermaid, as it would have such a huge impact on his life. Without giving any 'spoilery' bits away, it seems a little cruel to inflict something so big on someone without their permission, even if you do think they might love you.

A big plus for me is that Forgive my Fins could be a standalone. Sure, there is a very short Epilogue which leaves a huge cliff-hanger for the next book but other than that loose ends are tied up so you could just read it on its own and be satisfied.

The mermaid theme is an interesting take on the paranormal and Forgive my Fins is a charming, fun and quirky summer read. 

Rating: 4*

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I Want To Read That said...

I really enjoyed this one - and I loved Quince!