5 August 2011


If you haven't yet been over to Fiction Express, then let me quickly explain how this interactive e-fiction website works. Each week a new chapter is written by the author and you get to vote on how you would like to control the plot. You can read the first chapter for free and then after that you buy credits to read the rest, so you can buy the full book for £5.90.

Currently up is Rémy Brunel and the Ocean of Light, an atmospheric story of a young circus performer. Each week I will be reviewing the new chapter of Remy Brunel here at My Book Journey.

Rémy Brunel and the Ocean of Light by Sharon Gosling
No-one performs on the circus trapeze like sixteen-year-old Rémy Brunel. But when the circus closes for the night, Rémy leads another life, as a cat burglar and jewel thief. Forced by the evil circus owner Gustave to attempt the theft of one of the world's most valuable diamonds, Rémy thinks it will be just another heist, but when she meets determined young detective Thaddeus Rec, her life changes forever.

Here is the link to read the first chapter.

My review: Chapters 1 - 3
I have to admit I was a little uncertain of reading from my computer, as I don't even have a kindle or any e-book reader. But once I started reading the first chapter, I got straight into it.

I instantly liked Remy. Brought up learning how to work the trapeze and pick locks, she dreams of escaping with her friend Claudette and her friend's little girl. Remy’s talented, very confident but also caring. You can tell that something is going to bring her and Thaddeus together and when she is on the verge of getting caught by him I might want to her to get caught just so she can met him!

Gustave, owner of Le Cirque de la Lune, is cruel and greedy making Remy and others do his bidding and steal precious jewels for him. Everyone at the circus has a story, and I can't help but wonder what Remy's story is. We learn that her parents were cursed, but why and what was the curse? Gustave blackmails Remy into doing as he wants in exchange for information about her parents. Which leaves her all alone and on the search for Lord Abernathy. Is he a fragile old man or is there more to him?

Thaddeus, the only one who knows what is going on and can help her, is at this very moment in a pickle of his own. And it's up to us to decide what happens to him to next.

The fast and interesting plot brings you straight in, and I devoured each page in seconds. I also like the fact that you can pick where the story goes next, and it must certainly be a challenging task for the author to wait on readers' decisions before writing the next instalment! Here are this weeks choices to vote on:

  • Thaddeus knocks Collins out and escapes. 
  • Unable to punch his partner, Thaddeus tells Collins to take him to the cells as ordered. He’s innocent and he has to trust the law. 
  • A man appears – the Professor – and knocks Collins out with gas. He and Thaddeus escape together. 

What did you think? What choice would you make?

Head on over to Fiction Express to vote on what should happen next!
Fiction Express are kindly offering 5 lovely winners credits to read the full Rémy Brunel.
The deadline is Friday 19th August.
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FictionExpress said...

Thanks so much for the great review Hannah - so glad you enjoyed the first chapters of Rémy :)

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hareinthemoon said...

Wonderful idea and a great use of e-fiction. Am sure my teenage daughter will love it.