13 August 2011


The latest chapter of Rémy Brunel and the Ocean of Light by Sharon Gosling has been published on Fiction Express. Each week I will be reviewing the new chapter of Remy Brunel, an atmospheric historical fiction of a young circus performance and jewel thief.

Having enjoyed Chapters 1-3 so much, I couldn't help but look up Sharon Gosling. Sharon began writing for magazines in the science fiction and fantasy genre, and has also written audio dramas. Her first novel, a paranormal romance, was published in 2010 and was written under a pen-name. I'm so curious as to her pen-name and what book she wrote as I really love her writing!

Rémy Brunel and the Ocean of Light by Sharon Gosling

Review: Chapter 4
This week we're introduced to the Professor. There is something I instantly love about nutty professors. Perhaps it's fond memories of Doc from Back to the Future; and this professor doesn't let me down with his wild hair and mad inventions! I can't wait to see what contraptions he comes up with and how they might help Thaddeus escape from further trouble!

Both Rémy and Thaddeus have decided to take matters into their own hands and do a bit of investigating for themselves, although in very different styles! However Lord Abernathy is well protected behind his fancy London house that won't be easy to sneak into. When the pair meet, what will happen next? I'm undecided this week, as I know I really want them to meet properly, but I also like a bit of mischief and want to see what might happen if things go awry. It's exciting to have choices!

Here are this weeks choices to vote on:
  • Thaddeus arrests Rémy and J, and takes them both back to Scotland Yard. 
  • Thaddeus agrees to listen to Rémy’s story, and takes them back to the Professor’s workshop. 
  • Rémy kicks Thaddeus hard enough to make him let her go, and she runs. 

What did you think? What choice would you make? You have until next Monday to make your decision! Hop on over there now!


Book Angel Emma said...

Gosh I totally <3 this book so so so much

Fiona Miles said...

Really loving this book, whole week is spent waiting for Friday afternoons and the next chapter!