27 September 2010


Thanks to 'Down the Rabbit Hole', I discovered that the new cover for Maggie Stiefvater's book 'Forever' has been unveiled. And it looks so cool. Well, this is the US version anyway.

I don't imagine the UK cover art will be quite as cool, but I'm still looking forward to it coming out.
What do you think of the new cover?

16 September 2010


Well, I finally posted off my short story submission. With barely a whisker of time to spare. I admit I would have liked to have sent off two stories, or at least spent a lot more time on the story I did send off. It was probably more rushed that it should have been.

* Warning: rant ahead... I'm struggling working full-time, and then coming home and motivating myself to write, when I really just want to sleep. With the school term started again, my job's getting more stressful trying to organise so many events. With all the budget cuts, it means I've got to take on more work. At the moment I'm organising at least 11 different events, one of which is a one day a week-14 week programme for disengaged young people. Now my boss has suggested setting up work experience placements for 20 young people with moderate to severe learning difficulties, which is no mean feat making sure it works! Unfortunately I don't think this job will let me have the energy to write in the evenings. Sometimes I go to bed worrying about my job. Normally I read loads as well, but I've been too tired to read much either. Eek.

I'm not sure this is a good enough 'excuse'. I'm sure if I worked part-time or not at all, there would be another reason for me being rubbish at getting writing done. I just really need to pick up my motivation and get going again. Hopefully the short writing course I'll be going to will help me feel more confident about my work.

I just finished Shiver, so will let you know my thoughts next time. Definitely good though!

Despite my rant about not being motivated to write, I would still like one or two pen pals. I used to have one when I was younger which I really liked. She used to send me little gifts, and I want to pay these little favours on to someone else. Plus I have so much cute stationery I want someone to send it to! PM me if you're also looking for a penpal!! (Just because I wanted to post a pic...here's some of my lovely stationery!!)

11 September 2010


Sorry I haven't posted for so long...it's been my first week back at work after my holiday, so it feels like I've had some sort of mental trauma and exhaustion.

During my holidays, I started writing a short story based on 'Departures' for a competition on 'Mslexia'. I really must spend tomorrow finishing this so I can send it off in time. I'm not expecting to win the competition. Its not that I'm pessimistic, just more realistic. Its only my second short story since school (which was 10 years ago, eek!). But it was good to have a focus and theme for a story, and with this one I didn't plan it at all, I just improvised as I went along. I guess you could say I was a 'pantser', is that right?

I was also a good girl and did some exercise...me and my partner Dani cycled round Hampstead Heath in London.... (it kind of makes up for all the biscuits I scoffed!)

Now I'm reading Shiver, which is interesting. I really like the little details, like the temperature for each new chapter. I'm going shopping this afternoon, and I think I sadly must avoid buying too many books, because I just can't afford to buy more and more and more. :( I will definitely have to set myself up properly on a bookswap! Does anyone else bookswap? Would you recommend it? Or do you just buy all your lovely new books?

Over and out, for now, hehe!

4 September 2010


Book Blogger Hop
In order to find more book bloggers, I've decided to join The Book Blogger Hop. It is a weekly event hosted by Jennifer at Crazy For Books.

The Hop is a fantastic way to get your blog noticed more and visit some other cool blogs that you didn't know about before, make new friends, support each other, and generally just share our love of books! If you want to join, visit Jenn at 'Crazy-for-Books'!!

This week's question is:
Do you judge a book by its cover?

Absolutely yes! Aesthetics are important...it's like food. Food should look good as well as taste good. Who doesn't fall in love with a gorgeously decadent french pastry while its still sat in the shop window?! Whilst a beautiful cover won't guarantee a good read (we all know the saying), it can certainly help you decide which book to read next. In most cases you will pick up the general feel of the book through the cover. You know if it's going to be a feel good summery book, or a dark thriller. If I'm in the mood for something that will give me a bit of a scare, I'm not going to pick up something all pink and flowery. A good cover draws you in, makes you want to find out more. Its the start of pulling you in. The start of the journey. It can be the start of a beautiful piece of work.

Here are some gorgeous starts to a book...

* Paranormalcy
* Fallen
* Matched
* Nevermore

What about you? What are your favourite covers?

1 September 2010


Starting my own blog, and reading everyone else's has made me realise that I'm way behind on my reading. Bad me. A while back I was spending far too much money on books, so I had to try and kick the habit for a while. Meaning that I had to get my books from my local library, which sadly isn't very well stocked or organised. I've found different books from the Morganville Vampire series in three completely different sections of the library. And for some reason the first book in any series always seems to be missing!?! Its a mission just trying to find what I want! I'm only just reading Shiver (let alone Linger), Fallen, The Vampire Academy series and so on... I really need to catch up on what I've been missing.

So this is what I think I should start with:

* The rest of Rachel Caine's Morganville Vampire series
* The Hunger Games
* The Vampire Diaries
* Paranormalcy
* Clockwork Angel

Let me know what books would you recommend within the YA/paranormal romance/Urban Fantasy genre?
What are your favourite books?

What are you reading at the moment? ....