11 September 2010


Sorry I haven't posted for so long...it's been my first week back at work after my holiday, so it feels like I've had some sort of mental trauma and exhaustion.

During my holidays, I started writing a short story based on 'Departures' for a competition on 'Mslexia'. I really must spend tomorrow finishing this so I can send it off in time. I'm not expecting to win the competition. Its not that I'm pessimistic, just more realistic. Its only my second short story since school (which was 10 years ago, eek!). But it was good to have a focus and theme for a story, and with this one I didn't plan it at all, I just improvised as I went along. I guess you could say I was a 'pantser', is that right?

I was also a good girl and did some exercise...me and my partner Dani cycled round Hampstead Heath in London.... (it kind of makes up for all the biscuits I scoffed!)

Now I'm reading Shiver, which is interesting. I really like the little details, like the temperature for each new chapter. I'm going shopping this afternoon, and I think I sadly must avoid buying too many books, because I just can't afford to buy more and more and more. :( I will definitely have to set myself up properly on a bookswap! Does anyone else bookswap? Would you recommend it? Or do you just buy all your lovely new books?

Over and out, for now, hehe!


Jennie Bailey said...

I bookswap with my local library. I tried joining one locally, but the people were flaky and I seemed to read faster than most. Also, people suddenly got "protective" of the books they had promised to swap. Odd experience.

Fingers crossed for your short story! You never know what could happen. I sent three chapters in to KarenG's competition and was one of the three winners chosen. I wasn't expecting that at all! So, you never know! You just might win!

Jo Schaffer said...

I'd like to see your review of Shiver when you finish it. I'm wondering if I ought to bother.

anjohnston said...

Hampstead Heath is beautiful! I can totally see why you went biking around there.

I really enjoyed Shiver. I'm getting ready to read Linger very soon. Hope you enjoy it!

RosieC said...

I'm also interested in the review of Shiver. I"ll get there someday. Good luck with the short story competition. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you :)

Jamie Gibbs said...

Improv stories are sometimes the most fun, since you're discovering new stuff at the same time as your characters. Best of luck to you :)

I tend not to bookswap (there aren't many 'ready' types in my area, sadly) but I use Book Crossing to pick up and drop off random books, which is pretty sweet. #

Hampstead Heath looks beautiful, but all that exercise doesn't seem wise :P

Roland D. Yeomans said...

Bike riding somehow frees up my mind to work out the kinks in my stories and novels. Hope it did the same for you. I wish you luck on the short story competition.

Used book stores are useful for me.

You write YA? I will post an excerpt from my YA urban fantasy later on this afternoon. It's like STAND BY ME meets THE TWILIGHT ZONE where a street kid tries to survive the weird goings-on in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina.

I added to the number of your followers. I wish you success in your dreams of being published, Roland

Dani Riot said...

Haha, my hair looks funny in that picture.