16 September 2010


Well, I finally posted off my short story submission. With barely a whisker of time to spare. I admit I would have liked to have sent off two stories, or at least spent a lot more time on the story I did send off. It was probably more rushed that it should have been.

* Warning: rant ahead... I'm struggling working full-time, and then coming home and motivating myself to write, when I really just want to sleep. With the school term started again, my job's getting more stressful trying to organise so many events. With all the budget cuts, it means I've got to take on more work. At the moment I'm organising at least 11 different events, one of which is a one day a week-14 week programme for disengaged young people. Now my boss has suggested setting up work experience placements for 20 young people with moderate to severe learning difficulties, which is no mean feat making sure it works! Unfortunately I don't think this job will let me have the energy to write in the evenings. Sometimes I go to bed worrying about my job. Normally I read loads as well, but I've been too tired to read much either. Eek.

I'm not sure this is a good enough 'excuse'. I'm sure if I worked part-time or not at all, there would be another reason for me being rubbish at getting writing done. I just really need to pick up my motivation and get going again. Hopefully the short writing course I'll be going to will help me feel more confident about my work.

I just finished Shiver, so will let you know my thoughts next time. Definitely good though!

Despite my rant about not being motivated to write, I would still like one or two pen pals. I used to have one when I was younger which I really liked. She used to send me little gifts, and I want to pay these little favours on to someone else. Plus I have so much cute stationery I want someone to send it to! PM me if you're also looking for a penpal!! (Just because I wanted to post a pic...here's some of my lovely stationery!!)


Jamie Gibbs said...

Lol, that stationary is insanely cute, and if you ever have the need of a caffeine-addicted Welshman with a penchant for power metal and Pocoyo for a penpal, then I'm willing to help, hehe.

I'm in a similar boat when it comes to writing (or the lack of). Once I finish my dissertation (only 4 weeks and 5000 words to go!) I want to do NaNoWriMo and get a hell of a lot of writing done. Getting up at 5am to work doesn't help the creative process either :( It's cool that you're doing a job that's helping others though, maybe you could combine things and show them the awesomeness of urban fantasy.

Hannah Mariska said...

haha, that sounds cool. i could do an fantasy writing workshop!
funny you should say...but i'm actually welsh too!! my family lives just outside cardiff. i could drop your letters off on the way past ;)

you'll have to remind me what nanowrimo is...is that where you write a novel in one month? whats your dissertation on?

Jamie Gibbs said...

A fantasy writing workshop would be awesome, I recommend it :)

Yay, another Welsh book blogger! I'm in Swansea at the moment, finishing up my MA in Egyptology. my dissertation is on blood ritual and vampirism in Egyptian religion. I had to fight my corner to get my tutors to take me seriously, but I managed it, hehe. I'll keep an eye out for the uber cute stationary in the post :P

yea, the goal is to write a 50,000 word novel in a month. It'll be insane, but I'm looking forward to it. Even if you don't manage it, whatever you do will be a hell of an achievement :)

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry you're feeling pressure to find the time to write. It can from all angles, especially those (admirable) people who somehow manage to fit copious amounts of writing time into their daily schedule. I don't know how they do it. I hope you find the motivation you're looking for!

Also, that stationary is so adorable :-)

BC said...

I would love to be pen pals with you! When I was in first grade (primary school) I had a pen pal from England and I thought it was the coolest thing ever. And getting letters in the mail is just so much fun. I live in Connecticut right now but I was recently in Glasgow for two years doing a Master’s in Scottish Studies. And Wales is SO beautiful! I’ve only been there once, but I loved it.

I hear ya about having no time to write. I’ve recently been nannying part time, thinking that I would have loads of time to write, but it never seems to work out that way. In fact, I think I wrote more when I was working full time! So you never can tell. But your job sounds awesome, however busy it may make you. I was looking into doing something similar myself. As a writer of YA fiction, it seems only natural to want to be somehow involved with young adults, right?

Here’s my review of Shiver. I look forward to yours!


Hannah Mariska said...

Yay cool, thanks BC, I'll send you my email and we can swap addresses :)

Do you have any scottish connections then? Wales is pretty but not many people outside the UK know much about it. Will go check out your review now :)