20 August 2011


The latest chapter of Rémy Brunel and the Ocean of Light by Sharon Gosling is now out on Fiction Express. Each week I will be reviewing the new chapter of Rémy Brunel, an atmospheric historical fiction of a young circus performance and jewel thief.

Review: Chapter 5
This week sees Thaddeus and Rémy come together. Whilst they obviously don't trust each other they are finally talking, with the help of the Professor and little J. This chapter was quite a long one, with a fair amount of time getting everyone up to speed with what's happened to them so far and explaining their side of the story. There was a little danger that the plot would slow right down without any of the usual action, but the tension between Thaddeus and Rémy helped. You can see Thaddeus slowly warming to Rémy despite his belief that she is a cold hearted thief, and I really hope with all their similarities that something more will develop between them.
Having decided to investigate some mysterious goings on that Abernathy is involved in, Thaddeus, Rémy and J discover some very unusual contraptions. Unfortunately they get in a sticky situation with little hope of them all escaping!

This weeks choice to vote on is - Who falls into the machine?

  • Rémy 
  • Thaddeus 
  • All of them 
What did you think? I'm not sure I want anyone to fall in as I like them all! I'm really not sure what to decide. What choice would you make? You have until next Monday to make your decision! Hop on over there now!

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