25 February 2012


The 13th Horseman
Author: Barry Hutchison
Series: No, standalone
UK Publisher: HarperCollins Children's Books
UK Release date: 1st March 2012
Genre: MG
Kindly given by the publisher for an honest review

When Drake Finn finds a mysterious shed in his back garden, little does he know that inside he will find the three horsemen of the apocolyspe. Or that he will be given the job as the fourth…well technically the 13th. But having just started a new school and facing problems of his own, Drake doesn’t want to take up the role of Death. As long as he can work off his notice period without anything happening he’ll be fine…or so he thinks!

Review: I couldn’t wait to read this one, because it just looked so fun. And I have to say it was fun, and funny and witty and… I’ll stop there, but you get the picture.

The three horsemen of the apocalypse, War, Famine and Pestilence, are brilliant characters. War is big and gruff, Famine can’t stop eating, and Pestilence is wracked with diseases and all manner of ailments. Their personalities are so unique and distinct, each funny in their own way. By the end I adored all of them, even Famine who at first I was a little sceptical of.

Hutchison’s writing style and natural humour and wit reminded me a lot of Terry Pratchett and Garth Nix. I was smiling throughout the story because the characters themselves are so well written and come out with some cracking lines.

The story itself was so absurd but in a fun and easy-to-grasp way that you possibly couldn’t guess what was coming next. But there is no way you could get bored reading the story either. It’s full of action and adventure and bizarre mishaps. OK, so it’s not grandly complex, but that doesn’t matter when you’re reading it. For me, Barry Hutchison has now become one of those authors that I always want to read more of, and when I get to read his books it will feel like a real luxury.

The 13th Horseman is action packed with larger than life characters and plenty of humour. Young boys and fans of Terry Pratchett alike will love this one! It's out on 1st March 2012, and I thoroughly recommend reading it.

Rating: 4*

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