24 February 2012


Before I post up my review of this book tomorrow, I thought I would share the content of a very charming and witty email from HarperCollins Children's Books... it was too good to leave sat in my inbox:

The apocalypse is coming. There’s no way out of I’m afraid. Nope, not even through that sneaky door labelled “exit” – it’s fire and brimstone for us all.

But hey! Let’s not be downbeat about it! Why not laugh your way to the end of the world with some commentary from one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse himself? Ok so he might not be the most mysterious or powerful of the four, but he’s probably not the ugliest anyway. Pestilence has set up his very own blog to document the lead up to the end – which you can read at http://www.the13thhorseman.com/

Conveniently the countdown to the end of the world coincides with the publication of the hilarious new book from Barry Hutchison, The 13th Horseman on the 1st of March. Barry has created this innovative blog to feature all sorts of extra information on the lives of the horseman. You can now learn why exactly Toxie the Hellhound owes them one, where Pest got that nasty rash and watch Death descend into madness (well, waiting for an apocalypse for thousands of years can be pretty boring). The end of the world has never been so entertaining.

This additional content will really lead readers into the book, acting as a prequel to the text. If you enjoy reading it, do consider linking to it, tweeting about it, or just telling that person next to you on the bus they should read it.

Barry is available for comment and interview or can be followed on:


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