4 November 2011


As I have been doing a fair bit of shopping on Etsy, both for myself and for others for Christmas, I couldn't resist looking to see what gorgeous book related products were on sale...these are my top 5 favourites. I hope you like them as much as I do :)

Wicked witch in the book, £19.28
Shop: Olena
An unusual, quirky bookmark inspired by Wizard of OZ. I absolutely adore this!

Where the Wild Things Are Book cover, £54.55
Shop: shannashamrock
Get a fuzzy, cute cover for your copy of Where the Wild Things Are!

Kindle Leather Book Cover - Octopus, £40.43
Shop: Joe V.
For steampunk lovers, you can get kindle covers adorned with octopus or unicycles that will have you drooling with lust!

Book necklace, £16.96
Shop: Andrea Kohler
Cute and miniature books can make great jewellery!

Harry Potter Spellwriting Set, £12.84
Shop: Candida
This gorgeous set includes a Quill pen, Dragons Blood Ink (resin from a tree and not real blood!) and 3 pieces of genuine parchment, and two novelty parchments that kids will love!

What bookish things do you like to buy?


Sarah said...

These are all so cute, I especially love the Where the Wild Things Are book cover but to be honest if I had the money I'd happily buy them all. I'm going to have to remain strong and avoid etsy though - it's way to easy to spend money I don't have on there lol

Sally@Always Lost in Stories said...

Aww- I love all of these! I really want that wicked witch bookmark, how cool is that?!
And I love the book necklace too, that is really me.
I NEED to stop buying myself presents though, and start buying some Christmas presents for other people!

Book Angel Emma said...

Wow I love these thanks for showing them - well maybe not if I end up buying something I am totally blaming you :P

Kat said...

These are so adorable! I really love the witch bookmark and the Where the Wild Things Are book cover. :) The Harry Potter set is pretty awesome as well. If I only had money, I'd get some of these. :D