23 October 2011


With the nights drawing in and leaves slowly turning a burnished gold, it started me thinking about Halloween and what makes a good Halloween book? As I’m quite a seasonal reader, in summer I like to read happy, sunny books, and as we head into winter I like reading more mysterious, spooky and darker books.

So for Halloween, would the perfect book be an old classic like Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein that even now can you scare you senseless, or would it be a contemporary horror by say Stephen King?

One of the books I remember reading when I was young was the Point Horror teen series, in particular Trick or Treat by Richie Tankersley Cusick. I just love reading about big old houses that creak and groan and have secret passages and hidden rooms.

It’s something about the mystery that takes me straight back to my childhood, reading Enid Blyton’s Five Get into Trouble. If I could read Nancy Drew and the Famous Five now, without feeling like a very old child, then I would be extremely happy!

But does a good Halloween book even have to be a horror? Would a spooky paranormal fit the bill better? Something with ghosts and spirits and a bit of mystery like Charlaine Harris’ Grave Sight. Or perhaps something with zombies or vampires?

So I ask, what would be your perfect Halloween read?

If you haven’t yet hopped over to Book Chick City’s blog to join in with their annual Halloween event… then take a look now! There will be reviews, guest authors and giveaways!

I'm really looking forward to Halloween...I hope you are too!


Jules said...

I plan on reading a nice horror too :) I'm reading The fall at the moment and I have the Night Eternal next, all part of the Strain trilogy by del Toro and Hogan.

I used to love the point horror books too, I'd love to maybe pick one up again someday but then maybe they are best left to my memory.

Hannah Mariska said...

I know the feeling! Sometimes you go back to something that you have such fond memories for and it just doesn't seem as good. I did spot Trick or Treat on Netgalley this week, oddly enough though.

I will have to look up The Fall!

Peter Sacoo said...

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Raimy-rawr said...

I just received Haunted a collection of short stories from various authors from Anderson Oress this week and I can't wait to read it this weekend in preparation for Halloween! I've also got Anna Dressed in blood that I'm gunna try and read!

I loved the Point Horror books when I was younger too! I may try and get one soon!