15 October 2011


Having seen this book on the blogosphere, I was SO excited to win the competition to go on the Jack the Ripper walk around London and celebrate the release of Maureen Johnson's forthcoming YA book 'The Name of the Star'. I love walking through London pondering what life must have been like for previous inhabitants, and was really excited to learn about a little slice of its Victorian history.

Arriving at London's Tower Hill, we met with Maureen Johnson, Rosi from Harper Collins, and lots of other lovely bloggers including Sarah from Feeling Fictional and Sammee from I want to read that. Our very theatrical and stylish tour guide Oliver led us through the darkening streets of London, pointing out historical landmarks and murder sites and weaving in plenty of gory details to his tales of Jack the Ripper.

In the 1880's Whitechapel was rife with poverty, crime and squalor. An estimated 1,200 prostitutes walked the streets in 1888, and it was these ladies of the night that fell victim to the Ripper. With their throats slashed and left brutally mutilated, the murders attracted the attention of the country and caused numerous rumours and questions as to who was behind them.

Although the grisly murders are still unsolved, the mystery and interest still continues. In Maureen Johnson's latest book, modern day London is plagued once again with Rippermania. If you haven't yet read The Name of the Star, go and grab a copy - I can't wait to read mine!


Vivienne said...

Well done on winning this trip. It sounds like you all had an amazing time.

Sarah said...

It was such a fun walk wasn't it! Lovely to see you :o)