23 May 2011


I’ve decided to experiment a little…as I spend so much time working and then when I get home cooking, I get precious little time to write. So I thought I would write a short story in instalments. With a difference. You get to decide where the story goes by voting for what you think should happen next. I will write the next part of the story incorporating the most popular choice. (If this works, then I guess it could become a regular feature. If not, no loss.) Here is part one…don’t forget to vote on what should happen in part two! (Feedback on the writing is more than welcome too!)


As the door swished open and closed, letting in a frigid blast of February air, I looked up from my half drunk coffee. Normally I’d say half-full, but having been kept waiting for half an hour I was quickly becoming a half-empty kind of gal.
The man walking in was tall, smartly dressed and fairly attractive. But not the one I was waiting for.
I swirled the coffee around the chipped, stained mug, watching the last few bits of dirty foam settle up the sides. I certainly hadn’t picked this place for its quality coffee or buzzing atmosphere.
It was just after five in the afternoon and already fully dark, but the post-work rush had only consisted of a pair of workmen in dirty jeans and neon jackets and an older woman who looked like work had robbed her of any life she might have had this morning. Her silk blouse was creased and her makeup was making its decent down her face into the worn lines of her skin.
Waiting was certainly taking its toll on me. Like most people I didn’t mind a good gossip every now and again. But I wouldn’t normally be this judgemental and bitchy. Perhaps it was the coffee buzz wearing off.
Whatever it was, Lucas wasn’t going to see a pretty side to me tonight.
In fact, he’d be damn lucky to see me at all. I threw on my scarf, grabbed my coat off the back of the plastic chair and picked up my bag. Just as I was standing, a firm pair of hands gripped the top of my upper arms.
I looked up startled.
A pair of ice blue eyes stared at me like they were trying to freeze me in place. “Not leaving, were you?”
Shaking off the grip holding me in place and most likely bruising myself in the process, I tore my gaze from those burning eyes. I hoisted my bag onto my shoulder. “A lady can only wait so long for a gentleman, Lucas.”
Lucas burst out laughing, a deep rumbling laugh that broke through his eyes and showed across his face.
At least the awkward silence that had been building was broken. “Well then my fair Eve, would you at least let me buy you another coffee in the hope you might forgive me?”
Lucas looked down at the remains of my coffee, and as if realising for the first time where he was and grimaced, “Or whatever passes for coffee here.”
I allowed myself a quick smile. In his polished loafers and tailored suit, this wouldn’t be a usual haunt for the likes of Lucas. Not that there were many like Lucas.
Or at least I hoped there weren’t.
By the time I had pulled off my coat and scarf and sat back down, Lucas was walking back from the counter with two cups of steaming coffee. At least the hotness of the coffee made up for its gritty taste.
I wrapped my hands protectively around the cup. I wondered where they had managed to acquire a couple of china cups and saucers?
As Lucas stirred his cup and took a tentative sip, I allowed myself a look at the man sitting in front of me, with his long fingers, strong jaw line, and piercing blue eyes.
Lucas looked up, catching me watching him. A small smile lifted the corner of his mouth. I could feel my cheeks warm.
Sparing me any further embarrassment, Lucas cut straight to the chase. “You obviously didn’t invite me here to share a cup of jo,and chat about the good ol’ days. I presume you wanted some privacy, away from prying eyes.”
I nodded. Lucas could read me like a book. I only wish I could do the same with him.

To decide what you think should happen in PART TWO, vote below by commenting. Should:
  • Lucas be a supernatural?
  • Eve reveal a secret about their past that has come back to haunt them?
  • Lucas make Eve an offer she can’t refuse?
  • Other: leave your idea below for others to vote on.


Dani Riot said...

I think Lucas should make an offer she cant refuse.

Jamie (Mithril Wisdom) said...

Great start, and I like the idea of having us vote for it.

I think they should both be supernaturals, and there should be a secret that comes back to bite them in the ass (someone they thought they had killed years ago suddenly appears in town or something)

Can't wait for the next one :D

Vivienne said...

Ooh this is fun. I like the idea of Eve revealing a secret from the past.

I really liked it - I found myself drawn into the story straightaway. I would perhaps consider cutting back on the word 'half' in the first paragraph, other than that I really did enjoy it.

Hannah Mariska said...

:) i'm excited and i have no idea where this is going!!