31 May 2011


I've been looking again at my WiP, but seem to have hit a sticking point. I've got a particular outcome I need to happen, but am having trouble on how to get there. Perhaps this seems like a backwards way of doing it, but the current run of events doesn't seem to work, and I need to find an alternative that flows well.

To motivate myself I decided to draw out some of the characters and write little notes about them to give myself a better picture of what they are like.

Here's hoping my writing is better than my drawing ;)

How do you motivate yourself, or get around blocks in your writing?


Vivienne said...

I do my morning journals and I swear it really helps. For ten minutes as soon as I wake up, I just write whatever comes into my head and it just seems to open up my writing brain!

Hannah Mariska said...

Ah, that sounds cool. Will have to give it a go, thanks Viv!

Nabiha said...

I'm having trouble myself but to get motivated, I just go back to the things that motivated me in the first place. Movies such as "Howl", "Dead Poet's Society", or authors such as Hemingway.

Jamie (Mithril Wisdom) said...

I bloody hate getting blocks >:( I've got one with an idea I'm tinkering with, but I'm stuck pretty much at the start. I usually look in museums and walk through an area that is similar to where my story is set e.g. my idea is set in Cardiff Bay back in the 1870s so I'll be paying a visit to the new 'Cardiff Story' museum to get some creativity flowing through me :D Good luck!

Jillian said...

Is that actually your drawing? Looks quirky and cool to me! I wish I could draw like that. Haha.

For me, really, what motivates me is reading! Reading a really good, well-written book just inspires me, and with every chapter I finish, I feel like going on my laptop and write write write. Works for me :)