23 December 2010


In the run up till Christmas, I just love buying people presents. But I think I love wrapping them even more. Last year, I bought some stamps (the old fashioned ink kind) and since then I have personalised all the gift wrapping/labels I use. I just love seeing presents all wrapped and pretty ready for someone to receive.

I always hope that my family like the presents Ive bought them – I try to put thought into my gifts, but often my family tell me what they want. I don’t mind this, as I know they are getting something they want, but you lose that feeling of excitement which we all had as kids tearing away at the paper not knowing what might be inside. So I try to buy a few small surprises as well.

Which do you enjoy more...buying presents / wrapping them / watching people open them / receiving gifts from others?


Jamie Gibbs said...

I'm a big fan of wrapping presents too. While I was at Uni, I bought a load of cheap comic books and wrapped my presents with those (much to my mother's chagrin :P). It looked pretty damn cool too. I like to give them a yearly reminder that they have a geek in the family, hehe.

The stamps are a great idea, I'll have to give that a try next time; I'll likely try some personalised hieroglyphic stenciling on them. Thanks :)

I hope that you got home okay for the holidays, and that you had an awesome Christmas :D

Hannah Mariska said...

i like the comic wrapping paper - that sounds cool!

BC said...

Hi Hannah! I got your letter on Christmas Eve so just in time and a nice surprise too:) I love unique gift-wrapping too. A few years ago I had a lot of time on my hands so I wrapped all my presents in solid colored paper and embossed Celtic interweave designs onto them.