9 May 2012


Author: Lissa Price
Series: Yes, #1
UK Publisher: Random House
Release date: March 2012
Genre: Dystopian
Read via NetGalley

In a future when only the young and the old survived the spore war, enders will do anything to maintain their youth. Even if it means renting out a 'starter's' body. Living hand to mouth and looking after her brother has been tough on Callie. So the idea of a huge payout from Prime Destinations to rent her body seems too good to be true. But when her mind returns to her body early, she uncovers a dangerous plot that will leave her regretting her decision and cut off from everyone she knows.

Price's idea that young people or 'starters' can rent out their body to old people looking to regain their lost youth is fascinating and really different. Whilst a starters' consciousness sleeps soundly, their body is inhabited by the mind of an ender, giving them impressive and youthful looks, agility and talents. When our society becomes bored with cosmetic surgery and body modification, what will we develop to relive our youth? I certainly hope it isn't Prime Destinations' body transfers.

Despite every instinct screaming no, Callie puts herself forward for Prime Destinations' secretive and highly paid body transfer experiment. Having to look after her ill younger brother, constantly running from the marshals, and having to survive on crusts and scraps of food, Callie feels like she has no other choice in order to look after her brother and protect his childhood and health. She's had to take on a parental role, for which I really admired her. With both her parents gone, she has a tough job surviving and keeping her brother safe. I would have liked to have seen more between Callie and Michael, as there was so much potential and hidden feelings.

Starters is definitely very plot driven. The story twists and turns and Callie is pretty much always on the run or in trouble. The only downside is that the characters suffered a little, with key details and development lacking. However I thought the ending to the story was really strong. You're left wondering who the Old Man is, and I really wanted to figure out the odd little clues and learn who was behind the mask. His character was truly mysterious, malevolent and intriguing.

Despite all the positives and the fact that I did enjoy this book, there was something missing for me. Although I can't pinpoint exactly why or what, it just didn't hit my reading sweet spot and sadly it won't make my list of top books released this year. Having said this, if you like dystopian with a hint of sci-fi, then give this a read.

Rating: 4*


Jamie Gibbs said...

It's a pretty terrifying premise, I like it :) Shame that it didn't quite hit the nail on the head for you but it sounds like a pretty funky read :)

Raimy-rawr said...

Ive gotthis one on my kindle waiting to be read and I thought I couldnt wait for it but so many people keep mentioning that something was missing with it that I'm no longer looking forward to it. I will obvously read it at some point though!