28 May 2012


Author: Brodi Ashton
Series: Yes, #1
UK Publisher: Simon and Schuster
UK Release date: January 2012
Genre: YA

Having returned from a Feed in the Everneath, Nikki comes back emotionally drained and having skipped six months of her life. Friends and family think she ran away or even resorted to drugs after a tough family year, and Nikki has to pull together what is left of her life. But Nikki wasn't meant to return and her time at home is limited, as Everliving Cole likes to keep reminding her. Nikki must say goodbye to everyone or fight to stay out of the Underworld and its dreaded tunnels.

Review: Based on the Persephone myth Everneath entwines a captivating concept with plenty of mystery and clues to decode. Although its based around the myth where Persephone is abducted by Hades, god-king of the underworld, you don't need to know much about it to get the story, so I didn't feel swamped or lost - I became totally enthralled by Nikki's own personal story.

Having survived the feed when others usually succumb, Nikki was an interesting character and very different to most heroines. At the start of the story she is returning from the Underworld. She has a very limited external emotional range and barely talks to anyone. She is mentally and emotional drained. But her narrative is full of insight into her character and how she is coping with her return to life. Throughout the story she grew on me more and more and became a character I could really admire and like. The fact that she didn't want to become an Everliving by stealing other people's emotions (when a lot of people would probably jump at the chance) made her stronger in my eyes.

Cole was the mysterious bad boy musician - smouldering, dark and seemingly irresistible. But for me, Jack's understanding and caring nature won me over. Sure I want the dark outer-coating of Cole but when it comes down to it, supportive and reliable Jack beat Cole's manipulation, deceit and threats. I did really like the way two the love interests are so contrasted against each other, and this way you get the best of both! But let it be known, I am a Jack girl!

As the story counted down the number of days she had left before the tunnels came for her, the plot felt like a ticking time bomb and the build up of suspense was enchanting and compelling. The further towards the end of the book I got, the more gripped I was. I can promise you this - the ending will not let you down.

Everneath is a stunning debut and the start of a series that I definitely want to continue reading.

Rating: 5*


Kelly said...

I was so confused over my feelings for Cole - I could never tell if he was being genuine or if it was all a ruse to make Nikki believe what he needed her to believe so she would return to the Everneath with him! Which is also why I think I liked him a little more then Jack, because he was harder to figure out.

The ending through me for a loop, and left me feeling a little...skeptical? So I ended up rating it 4-stars. I'm glad you loved it though!

The Insouciant Sophisticate said...

I'm definitely a Jack girl but then I very rarely like the bad boy so that's not at all surprising. I was very comfortable with the idea that Cole is a manipulator with no genuine feelings for Nikki and who will say and do anything to her to achieve his ultimate aims.