7 February 2011


Last week was my first week on a 10-week Editorial and Proofreading course, right in the heart of London's Notting Hill. In case you didn't know, I would quite like to work in publishing, particularly in the editorial team of a book publishers that has fantasy authors on its list! I've been doing lots of research into the area, and hopefully will be able to get some work experience before summer at a publishing house here in London.

I was a bit nervous arriving at the course last week because proofreading and copy-editing is quite new to me, but it seemed that most people on the course weren't working in publishing either. Obviously it's a popular (and competitive) career area especially with women, as most of us on the course are young women. Thankfully everyone seems really friendly, and the course tutor is very approachable and funny.

Tonight, we learnt copy-editing marks and about house styles. Every week we will have homework to do, and on the last session we will have to sit an exam. Hopefully I'll do well and won't find it to complicated!

Hopefully I'll also get to contribute to Fantasy-Faction, a website dedicated to fantasy and sci-fi books and authors. Which would be really cool :)

What job would you love to have? Or do you already have the perfect job?


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you're liking your course so far! It sounds like a great opportunity to really dive into the business end of publishing. Be sure to keep us updated!

As for jobs, I'd love to be a full-time writer. Still keeping my fingers crossed for that one . . .

Vivienne said...

I would love that kind of job too. I hope we can learn from your editing and proofreading, especially as an aspiring author over here!