20 June 2011


Author: Veronica Roth
UK Publisher: Harpercollins
UK Publication Date: May 2011
Genre: Dystopian

Living in a society split into factions based on common values might seem ideal. But if you don’t fit into one of those factions, life can be very dangerous.
Beatrice Prior is Abnegation, a faction that values selflessness above all else. But being selfless doesn’t come naturally to Beatrice, and she must decide if she wants to stay with her family in Abnegation or move to a different faction: Dauntless who value bravery, Candor who tell only the truth, Erudite who seek knowledge or Amity who value peace above all else.
Taking the aptitude test should tell Beatrice where she belongs, but instead she discovers she’s Divergent. She doesn’t know what it means, only that it’s dangerous to be one.

Review: Once I started reading Divergent, I just couldn’t put it down. It really is one of the best YA debuts we’ve had so far this year.

I really enjoyed the build up of anticipation and attraction between Tris (Beatrice’s new faction name) and Four, her initiation trainer. Their connection felt real and natural, as an instinctive attraction to each other, rather than just falling for the perfect gorgeous hunk. As trainer, Four has to maintain his tough and hardened persona, but as we get to know him through Tris we find out there is so much more to him. I couldn’t help but fall for him myself! Both characters have their flaws and insecurities, which makes them so much more real and likeable.

The initiation into her new faction is brutal and unpredictable, not only forcing initiates to show their true character but also giving the plot a strong undercurrent of tension that feels like it might just explode at any minute. The appearances of Dauntless leader and power-hungry sadist, Eric, are enough to make your toes curl in anticipation!

Divergent also looks into tensions between the factions and the prejudices different sections of society hold against each other, but I don’t want to say anymore because it really is a story you should read yourself!

As Veronica Roth’s debut novel, it is a gripping and thrilling look at identity, finding your place in society and finding friendship and love!

Rating: 5*


Cristina said...

I am almost done with the book and I am LOVING it.. for me it's right up there with The Hunger Games.

Great review :)

Felicia @ A Novel Paradise said...

You described my feelings towards Tris and Four's romance perfectly. LOVE FOUR! Divergent's such a great book, I'm afraid to review it because I don't know if I can capture how much I like it in words ):

Hannah Mariska said...

Christina, I'm glad you're enjoying it - its so good!

Felicia, thank you! You really should review it - can't wait to hear your thoughts!

Grace Fonseca said...

I keep hearing good things about this book. You are the first person to review this book that has given me the plot of the book. Thank you. Now I can understand what the book is about. New follower. Love your blog.