13 April 2011


If you haven’t yet read Fallen, please be aware that this review contains *SPOILERS*.

Torment (Fallen #2)
Author: Lauren Kate
UK Publisher: Random House
UK Release date: March 2011
Genre: YA

Summary: Following on from Fallen and the discovery that her boyfriend Daniel is a fallen angel, Luce is moved from Sword & Cross and taken to a new school, Shoreline, in sunny California. Here she studies alongside Nephilim, the children of humans and fallen angels, and lives under a protective spell from Outcasts, rebel immortals who want Luce dead. We see her internal struggle as she tries to find out about her past lives by manipulating the shadows and comes to terms with her feelings for another boy. The angel versus demon dilemma continues, however the two sides agree to a truce in order to protect Luce – this lifetime is different from the rest of her lives, and what happens in this life will affect the balance between heaven and hell.

Review: Despite feeling slightly disappointed with Fallen, I was ever persistent and decided to read on with Torment regardless. It is an interesting and intriguing read, with lots of mystery and suspense thrown in. The plot is action focused with a steady pace: Luce gets into a dangerous situations trying to manipulate the shadows to find out about her past lives, as well as with the Outcasts hunting her.

In terms of characters, Luce finally rebels against Daniel and the restrictions he puts on her. Whilst I like the fact that she shows some “balls”, Luce is very naive about realising that she is in danger. I'm also sorry to say that I just don't buy Luce and Daniel's relationship, which is based on their past history and a few snatched moments of kissing. I understand that to make the story more interesting and to build up the mystery Daniel keeps a lot of information from Luce, however I feel it lessens the integrity of their relationship.

The introduction of Shelby and Miles however livens things up, and the developing relationship between Luce and Miles is really refreshing – finally something that resembles a real relationship!

I like the subtext that the difference between good and bad (heaven and hell, angels and demons) isn't as clear cut as it seems. This can be seen in the relationship and characters of fallen angel and demon - Francesca and Steven, as well as the partnership of other fallen angels and demons such as Daniel and Cam.

I will read Passion when it comes out because, darn it all, I do want to find out what happens next.

Rating: 4*

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Jamie (Mithril Wisdom) said...

I've had bad experiences with every fallen angel book I've read, so I'm wary of Torment. I might give it a go sometime though. Thanks for the review :D