18 August 2010


Having finally decided to write my first novel, last night I went to my first Authors talk organised by Lisa at the 'London Writers' Cafe'. Being completely new to the world of writing and publishing, it was really interesting to hear from three very different authors who have each had very different experiences of getting published. Crime writer, Leigh Russell, talk passionately of how she submitted her work direct to a publishing house and within weeks was contacted for a meeting with them. Sue Moorcroft was very honest about the hard work needed to make a living from publishing short stories and novels. And finally, Karen Mahoney explained how she approached American agents to publish her urban fantasy, Iron Witch, which I can't wait to read! Fiction Editor at Blue Door Books, Laura Deacon, gave her perspective on reading manuscripts and taking on new authors. She is obviously very passionate about books, reading and new writers - I just hope that every publisher is the same!

So as a start to my writing, here is a short poem. I hope you like. let me know what you think...


Anonymous said...

I like this poem :)
I wish I could write poetry but I just can't. I guess you either have it, or you don't.

Jamie Gibbs said...

Good luck writing your novel :) Any ideas yet as to what you want to write?

I like the poem :) Maybe change the 'spying' to 'gazing' or something? (spying makes it seem like the moon is a voyeur rather than someone who wants to be noticed)

Looking forward to seeing more of your stuff :)

Leigh Russell said...

Thanks for your kind words, Hannah.
I rather liked 'spying' - it seems to give a little twist to the moon's personality. I do admire people who can write poetry. Have you written any more?
I hope you'll be coming along to Get Writing 2011 at the University of Hertfordshire on 19th February - I'm running a workshop and there's lots more going on. You can put your name down to pitch to an agent and I understand there's a good chance if you're on the waiting list! Here's the link and hope to see you there.